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"Signature Series" Firearms Are In The Works!

Works Armament, LLC is licensed to deal and manufacture firearms.

(Including NFA Weapons & Suppressors!)

Signature Series and Black Edition Firearms are all cryogenically treated and fully customized to WA specs, and as such you can expect the highest level of quality , attention to detail, top of the line aftermarket upgrades throughout, as well as a range of neoteric metal processing & coatings to all metallic parts therein that are substantial enough to withstand the extreme thermal requirements per each treatment. 


WA Series Glocks will be available first, and M&Ps will begin to follow.


Availability will be posted on both Facebook and Instagram symmaltaniously. If you are interested in a Signature Series Firearm, be on the lookout for each announcement. You must be ready to act fast, as they are just as ready to ship as they are ready to run! These will be sold in a first come, first served manner; if timing never works for you, or you simply don't want to play the game of chance, you can always contact us about building a complete WA firearm from the ground up to your exact specifications, although this process is subject to our wait list.


Do you need to buy a firearm

You can purchase a new firearm through Works Armament, LLC to be serviced to your liking and shipped to your local FFL/gun store, just tell us what you need and we'll supply it!

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