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About WA

Works Armament, LLC is a custom gun shop licensed to buy, trade, and sell firearms, as well as manufacture firearms, including those under the NFA, or "Class 3" weapons and suppressors.  WA's focus is nearly everything high-end tactical, with specialization in the complete customization of Glock pistols, and quality grip work services for most other popular polymer frame pistols.


WA is currently working to finish grip work and pistol projects for a long [closed] list of clients, and will be selling pre-modified Glocks once that original list is completed.  Future offerings, starting with Glocks, will be fully customized to WA specifications, including a total overhaul of original parts, PVD film coatings, and complete cryogenic treatment. These highly modified guns will be ready to run, and ready to be shipped to your local FFL as inventory permits.  S&W M&Ps, as well as other popular pistols, will likely follow in smaller batches.


Ultimately, the company's interests will begin to transition to include the innovative and high-end AR-15 market, and eventually provide the growing gun community with WA rifles and pistols, along with WA parts and accessories.

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