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Glock Grip Service

Works Armament LLC's Glock grip services are offered in the three different re-texturing layout designs shown below.



Standard Glock Options


-Save/Outline Glock Logo
-Reduced, Hybrid, or Complete Finger Groove Delete

-Polished Single Trigger Guard Undercut

-Retextured Second Trigger Guard Undercut
-"Extra Ergos" Rear Pin Width Reduction

(Extra Ergos will not support backstraps or beavertail accessories)

-Side Bumps Delete
-Magazine Release Cut (Gen1-3 ONLY!)

-Retexture Magazine Release Button
-Trigger Guard Front Retexture

-Gen 4 MBS Delete (Back Strap Grooves)

-Permenantly Integrate Backstrap (Gen4)
-Radius Magwell Cutouts
-Retexture Factory Slide Back Plate

Premium Glock Options


-Small Frame Grip Chop (Full to Compact) - $75

--Shape/Drill Working Lanyard Hole (For Plug) - $15

-360 Degree Glove Cut - $120

-Gas Flats - $45/Side

-Bottom Handle/Lanyard Hole Border - $45
-Retexture Magazine Base Plates:

--Thin "Base Plate" +0 - $5

--Extension +0/+2 - $15

--Extension +3/+6 - $40

(Sub-Compacts Include One "Pinky Extension" or Original Base Plate as a Standard Feature)

-Retexture X-Grip magazine adaptor:

-One Size Up - $30

-Two Sizes Up - $50

-Additional Gen4 MBS Retexture - $45

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